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It's as though I am cursed to never feel content. I am always striving for something more, to experience new places, and push my boundaries generally.  

A Reluctant Blogger

I never intended to write a blog about my journey back to Australia by bike. I told everyone ‘No, the trip is for me I don’t want to spend my downtime updating a blog.’ 


There are solo female cycle tourers out there, but I did find them a drop in the ocean when looking for advice from women for women. So I’m hoping that stories from my experience can be helpful to others.

I am Lauren an average everyday woman in my 30’s who decided to cycle from the UK back to Australia. Despite having always been a very active person, I would never consider myself to be any kind of high-level athlete. However, in saying that I have discovered my slight pathological need to get a kick out of a physical challenge.

I’m fascinated by the boundaries humans can push and the mental process required for that. I’ve always found it interesting how a hiking trip could be a miserable disaster, yet in retrospect, you have fond memories of it. You could say I was drawn to human-powered adventures.

Cycling through the Netherlands


Got questions? Want to collaborate? Or just say 'hi', feel free to flick me an email here. I love hearing from people that feel inspired by my stories or want more details for their own trip plans.

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